02 Sep Music through the lens: Old Blues in Malmo

During my recent visit to Sweden, I had the pleasure to attend and shoot at a private “underground” music club. The performer, Oscar, was playing old-time acoustic Blues. Being addicted to the Blues myself, both as a musician and a listener, it was practically impossible to decline the invitation.

The place was quite reminiscent of what one could expect… even 50 or 60 or more years ago. I guess the aura of such clubs, exemplified by the presence of so many colorful, interesting and exciting people, is a timeless phenomenon. Suffice to say that I felt right at home and really enjoyed both the environment, as well as the music.

I will let a member of the club, which will remain anonymous, describe their philosophy and approach:

“This club sprung out of the passion for old shellac records and from the discontent with the current discourse of commercial culture. We were also thrilled by the feeling of running a “speak easy” in Sweden I guess. To us, I believe, this place was never meant to be an illegal club (like many others in our town) where we could make some extra cash on the side etc. Being illegal just became a necessary consequence, we just wanted to be able to enjoy the music we love, however we want, whenever we want. 

I think it’s been around six years now, a lot of great, hazy memories come to mind as I’m writing.

We use to play a lot of jazz, anything you’re able to move your feet