11 Oct Music throught the lens: Merlin’s 2 Day Wonder festival

The latest live music shooting was in a two day event organized in the Ilion Plus venue in Athens, by Merlin’s Music Box.

Merlin’s Music Box originally was –and, in a real sense, still is- a fanzine publishing its first issue in October 1989 and closing its printed cycle in 1995, after a total of 26 issues. It was reactivated in the Spring of 2014, this time in an electronic form, through social media and its own website. As with the original printed version, the main purpose of the –now electronic- fanzine is the presentation of groups and artists mainly from –but not limited to- the Rock genre. A major endeavor is planning and organizing musical events and generally introducing its numerous fans to new listening experiences. It must be emphasized that the fanzine’s focus is definitely not in the mainstream music scene, but rather a robust underground scene that is always alive and evolving. The team behind the current incarnation of Merlin’s Music Box consists of John Kastanaras, Vassilis Tzanoglos & Michael Tzanoglos.

The bands featured in this two day mini-festival were, in order of appearance:

Grey River and the Smoky Mountain

Thee Holy Strangers

Appalachian Cobra Worshipers

The Swing Shoes feat. Sugahspank