06 Dec Moving from Fuji to Leica M: After a year, would I do this again?

Source: Macfilos

The M262 is Leica’s back-to-basics version of the M240, without live view or video. Italian photographer Sabino Parente sold all his Fuji gear in favour of a classic rangefinder. Image by Mike Evans from the Macfilos test of the Leica M262

Over the past week there has been a great deal of comment on Macfilos about the new Leica CL in comparison with the Fuji X series cameras. Fuji is the big competitor for Leica in the APS-C sector, mainly because the design and handling of cameras such as the X-Pro2 and X-T2 attracts former Leica users. They see similarities which they like.

Sabino in his Fuji days (Image Sabino Parente)

But can Fuji be seen as a competitor for the venerable rangefinder M? There is no doubt that it can. I have friends who have been lifelong M users but have now migrated to Fuji for a variety of reasons, including the design, the excellent lenses and the feeling that APS-C is plenty good enough for their way of doing things. 

There has been a sea-change in the capabilities of the APS-C sensor, as evidenced by the latest Fujis, Sonys and the Leica TL/CL. Indeed, Leica’s lens design guru Peter Karbe is now said to be increasing in his enthusiasm for APS-C. He is reported to have said that if Bacnack were designing his “miniature” camera in 2017 he would go for APS-C rather than full-frame.

But what we seldom here of, however, is anecdotes of people selling up on Fuji…

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