23 Feb Mountain Photography – Capture to Editing

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Last month I spent a week or so in the snowy Dolomites mountains and put together this video about shooting an image from capturing the scene to my complete image editing workflow. We weren’t that lucky with the conditions, either having too much wind and driving snow, or completely clear skies with no drama, but landscape photography is usually about taking the scene as you find it and working out how best to shoot and edit a scene to fit the mood of a place. In the editing part of this video I did one image in Adobe Lightroom and the other in Capture One, as I’m getting more and more questions about using Capture One. I’m still learning myself, but there are quite a few powerful tools that I really like in the software.

If you’d like to join me for a landscape photography workshop in some of the locations I captured here, I’ll be co-leading a Dolomites in Winter workshop in 2020, as well as tours to various other destinations. Check my website for more information https://www.andymumford.com/workshops/

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