23 Dec Morocco ~ Portraits in the Kasbahs of the Atlas Mountains

Source: Pro Photo Nut

The shoot: A recce for a workshop next April
Model: Sonia Morin
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Collaborator: Mohammed Kamal
Locations: Various un disclosed Kasbahs in the Atlas Mountains

Mohammed Kamal or MK, an ex Fujifilm X photographer from Marrakesh invited me to Morocco to collaborate with him on some workshops. We discussed a few ideas on the phone and I hopped on a plane to check out our opportunities. After a fabulous night out on the town we picked up Sonia who agreed to model for us and headed up into the Atlas Mountains in ‘Talghemte’ which means camel in Amazigh. That’s the name MK gives his Toyota Land Cruiser.

01. The reflected sunlight rich in earth colours rattles around the dusty corridors of the Kasbahs. If only these walls could talk. Hundreds of years of trading and tolls along the mountain passes gave power and riches to merchants in the region. Harems and palaces adorn the mountain slopes. The palaces, made of simple materials are crumbling and it’s this decay that delivers such rich textures to capture. The colour of the light changes in each zone with the mix of blue sky or reflected sunlight. No two areas seemed the same but I tweaked the white balance in camera as I went to give me the look that I wanted.

Our objective was to recce a few of the Kasbahs in the Atlas Mountains to check on suitability for a Lovegrove workshop. MK knows the venue owners and secured the necessary permissions for us

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