23 Jul Monochrome studio portraits

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01. This is Jamie Roche. I shot him at Calumet Birmingham on a Fujifilm GFX experience day. I set up a couple of flash heads for this set. I used the GFX50s with the 110mm lens. The lights were a Godox AD600BM and a Godox AD200. The trigger was the TT350F.

02. As above.

03. Keeping with the Godox lighting I shot Jamie in a smarter guise. I used a SMDV Speedbox 70 with grid for the key light and a 5″ reflector with grid for the subtle kicker. I used the GFX50s with the 32-64mm lens at 64mm and f/5.6 for this shot. The shutter speed was 1/500th second. Now that Godox have a great lighting solution for the complete range of Fujifilm cameras it is possible to shoot at any shutter speed right up to 1/4000th second without sacrificing flash power or quality.

04. I showed how to change up the lighting using a few Lupo Fresnel spotlights. Everybody loved the continuous light. I created the dapple on the Calumet Storm grey background using a Scattergel.

05. The Lupos are so punchy and crisp. They are perfect lights for shooting editorial portraits.

06. This shot was lit with flash and shot at 1/4000th second at f/2 using ISO 100. The Godox AD600 was on half power. The shallow depth of field look is courtesy of the 110mm lens at minimum focus distance at f/2. It feels like being back on roll film. There is a certain magic that comes

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