23 Feb Mobile Imaging Workflow

Source: Joe Jongue

There’s no denying that technology has advanced over the recent years, in particular, mobile phones. Some of the flagship phones today have amazing camera capabilities and in some instances, sharing the same technology found in entry level DSLRs. Apps have also improved over the recent years becoming more robust and sophisticated, as a result, we now see an abundant number of photo editing apps from basic filters to advanced post-processing and object removal.


Capture One Pro 10 In the beginning…

When I first dived into the world of Photography, I quickly learnt that a large portion of your time is spent in front of a computer importing, culling and processing photos. Over time I got tired of this process and started looking for different alternatives. I’ve tried different software, changed my workflow but in the end, it kept finding myself back to being in front of the computer, I needed a quicker solution, something that I can do while on the road but not be encumbering, something that would allow me to upload and post to social media without having to wait until I was back home.

Enter the mobile phone!

In the app eco-system, editing apps are a dime a dozen, finding a quality app can be a tiresome task, fortunately, I’ve found a handful of apps that I use on a daily basis and has now formed part of my workflow. This guide is just an insight to what my workflow consists of, obviously, this will not suit everyone…

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