20 Sep Mischkah Scott portrait workshop in Tuscany 2017

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Note: Now that I am shooting on the Fujifilm GFX50s I have decided to try a new high resolution format for Prophotonut blog posts. Please let me know in the comments below if you like this format and what could be improved.

1. Mischkah Scott in the countryside near Volterra captured on the GF 110mm lens at f/2. I used a tripod for almost all of the shots in this post including these. A tripod allows me to set the composition precisely then I can concentrate on directing the action and generating rapport.

Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s
Lenses: 32-64mm f/4 zoom and 110mm f/2 prime
Lighting: Natural light plus Godox AD200 and AD600 units
Film simulations: Pro Negative S and Acros G

2. Mischkah Scott is in the stable block of an abandoned villa tucked well out of sight in a secluded valley near Volterra. Both of these shots were taken with natural, available light with Mischkah standing in the same place. A big part of this workshop is about lighting control.

This first workshop location is a 400m walk from a bumpy gravel track the locals call a road. These hard to find locations are often full of wonderful textures and muted tones. It takes a lot of planning, searching and a bit of local knowledge to find the best shoot spots in Tuscany and it’s a skill I’ve honed over recent years. I’ve fallen in love with Tuscany and I am going to add a 7 day Tuscany adventure next year to this already popular 3 day workshop. The adventure

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