03 Oct Michaela Bartolini on the streets of Siena

Source: Pro Photo Nut

01. The walls of Siena are scarred by the transport of ages. The light scoots down the alleyways. One minute it’s there the next it’s gone.

Model: Michaela Bartolini
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with GF 32-64mm and GF 110mm lenses
Location: Siena, Tuscany
Shoot: A 1:1 training session and creative shoot with a top client from the UK.

Michaela and I first shot together in Rimini back in 2013. We had so many laughs with our mutual friend Maria Teresa Romolo. What a wonderful name that is. My name in Italian is Damiano. I love it. We were not taking life too seriously, instead we were driving our energy into making beautiful photographs. Our next adventure took us to Craco near Matera. Wow, what a place. Watch this short film I made using a Phantom 2 drone.

02. Connection, radiance and Italian passion combine beautifully in these captures of Michaela.

I first shot in Siena back in 2009 when I did a series of workshops called “Passion on the streets” of Siena. I’ve loved the dark gritty, ochre pigmented walls and vibrant buzz ever since my visit in 1996. Not a lot has changed. It’s just as wonderful a place to sip a Moretti while watching the play of light on the cobbles in Piazza Del Campo as it was back then. The textures are wonderful and brought to relief in the crisp hard sunlight that bathes this Italian town.



04. Into the light

Shooting in the Siena sun

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