30 Jun Meyer-Optik Goerlitz launches 3-element 95mm F2.6

Source: DP Review

German lens manufacturer Meyer-Optik Goerlitz has announced a portrait lens that it claims has unique coatings to reduce flare. The Trimagon f2.6/95 is the latest in a line of lenses that the company has produced that use only three elements in the design. While the 100mm and 50mm Trioplan lenses were produced for their distinctive retro bubble-effect bokeh this Trimogan is ‘a dynamic modern lens’ according to the company. Meyer-Optik says a unique coating has been used to reduce flare and the glass used for the three elements is from the German company Schott and Japan’s Ohara.

The company claims the resolution of the lens makes it suitable for use on cameras with 60MP or more. The optical design is based around full-frame sensors, but versions with mounts for smaller formats are listed as being available.

Like all Meyer-Optik lenses, the Trimagon offers manual focus only, and its ‘distinctive’ bokeh and rounded out-of-focus highlights are helped by the use of a 15-bladed iris.

The lens is available now as it has already been on sale in Germany, and it is offered with mounts for Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and Leica M. It costs $1699/€1699. For more information see the Meyer-Optik Goerlitz website.

Press release:

Unique Coating and Design of Glass Lenses Provide Professional Photographers Sharp Artistic Portraits

Atlanta, GA – June 30, 2016 — Meyer-Optik Goerlitz announced today the availability of its new portrait lens, the Trimagon f2.6/95, in the United States and worldwide.

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