23 Feb Metropolight: A street photography book that examines the human condition in the 21st century metropolis. Shot across 4 continents.

About this project
I shot this project over a period of a few years, but most of the photos come from a trip I did in 2015 when I had an X100T and an X-T1. There are a couple of photos from X-M1 too, which I had before that, and a lot of photos from an X-Pro2 that I’ve shot while I was testing out the camera as a Fujifilm’s new ambassador in the autumn of 2015.

I don’t use zooms, and always carry the primes of 23mm, 35mm and 56mm on me. I like to use the 90mm as well from time to time, because a telephoto lens compresses space a bit more and allows me to create slightly more abstract shots that bring more attention to the lines and shapes in the photograph. I don’t really know how to use Photoshop and I am not really that interested in, because I have no desire to particularly manipulate my photos. I like to keep a natural look to my photos so that it is easy to understand that what I took a photograph of was really there. It’s the perspective that matters a lot to me.

The X-Series is great, because the cameras are incredibly intuitive and allow me to forget the technical issues and focus purely on my vision. A lot of people are great at re-touching and post-processing, but I am betting my card on trying to see differently and show the world in a…