20 Jun Memories of Thailand

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Like many people I suppose, I had in my head a list of a few countries in which I wanted to travel. And Thailand was certainly not one of them. I don’t know if it is because of our life close to nature and the mountains, but when I thought of travel, I imagined beautiful landscapes, mountains, cold, adventure. The first countries that I thought of and that attracted me were Iceland, Tibet, Norway, Canada… The culture of the country did not really matter to me, it came second.

And then, when we finally had the opportunity to go on a trip, we first thought “travel with family and children”. We were trying to teach them values ​​we believe in: curiosity, tolerance, open-mindedness … And we said to ourselves that it might be good to put images on all this. To open them to the world by making them discover another culture differently than on paper or screens. By going to see how people and especially other children live elsewhere in the world.

What was not very important to me when I thought “travel” has become my number one priority in choosing our destination.

We had the opportunity to leave in April 2017. My girls would miss a few days of school, but we sincerely believe that this kind of trip for a child is more rewarding than a few days of school. Even if French national education sometimes thinks otherwise…

After several discussions with friends knowledgeable about Asia and

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