14 Jul Meet the X Stealth Shooter.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

A long time ago when I was serving my national service at Basic Military Training, one of the lessons was the art of camouflaging. And I could still vividly remember that we were given five minutes to camouflage ourself. At the end of that five minutes, we all look like some Disney characters except for maybe one of two recruit. Instead of blending in the forest; we truly stand out. In some way I guess we didn’t do a good job but if there were a section of hostile enemies in the distant, they would died of laugher just looking at us. Mission accomplished! Fast forward to today. Many street photographers would have chosen the black version of X100F over the uber chic silver version. Do we really need to dress in dark clothing to camouflage the camera in order to get the shot? If you own a silver X100F I guess a white T-shirt will be a better bet? In some ways this do help. Getting your shot actually requires a lot more work than being stealth. Street Photography requires the photographer to be Street Smart.

Kai said this to me: I can’t miss you with that silver jacket. Stealth Mode : Failed!

Stealth mode ON.

Now I know how my subject feels. X100T.

First would be knowing how your camera work and behave. This is fundamental and it will make or break that winning shot for you. Knowing how to change

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