23 Jan Meanings of G.A.S. in photography in 2017

Source: Sebastian Boatca

Hello, photography lovers! We already are at the beginning of a new year, so new things should be said, new information should be gathered and new plans should already be in place, to start well in our photographic endeavors. Each new year is a perfect opportunity to change something in photography, to find new meanings and to improve ourselves as human beings, along with our style.

In my photography I primarily use Fujifilm cameras and lenses, I just find them as my best choice for my style, needs and difficult-to-define tastes. I also love to get out and photograph on film, but let’s just say that these days, digital cameras are really powerful and capable and they surely fit our needs in the dynamic life we are living now….

Focus on one thing only at a time. Multitasking is bad for performance, in general. This is a concept that comes from these western, modern times when the industry needs to keep growing indefinitely. We are told to do more, work harder, even do several tasks at once – they call it efficiency. I call it “perfection killer”, because the human being is not meant to be multitasking, not it the way they seek perfectionism. In order to create something that follows the perfectionism principle, you need to stay focused on one thing only, without a time frame. Work on in, polish it, until it reflects perfection. G.A.S. will truly distract you from focusing on perfection….