25 Sep Mastering Photoshop Masks

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

I’m very excited to announce the launch today of my latest book, Mastering Photoshop Masking”. Initially I was going to write a book dedicated to Luminosity Masking. This is a subject often overcomplicated by people who, I’m sure would like to keep the secrets to themselves. On starting to develop the book, it quickly became apparent that I needed to cover other forms of masking as well. The book therefore details Painted Masks, Channel Masking, Luminosity Masking, Selection Techniques and Mask Refinement Techniques.

The book is aimed at Photographers who would like to adjust their images in Photoshop but who have little or no knowledge of masking. Whilst a familiarity with Photoshop is assumed, everything you need to know to understand mask creation is explained in full.

Mastering Photoshop Masks Book Cover

In addition to lots of examples throughout the text, there are several worked examples at the end of the book. These include a full-length example showing how the cover image of the book was created. You can download the starting files to follow the examples on your own computer. I have also included the many of the finished images in Photoshop PSD format, with the masks in place for you to examine.

The book is available now on Amazon priced £4.99, $5.99 or similar in your country. Next task on my list is to develop a video course for those who prefer video to reading.

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