21 Mar Martina in Lazio

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A Road Trip To Remember I took these photographs on a personal road trip to Italy. I was supposed to be running a workshop in Tuscany but Covid had different plans. We were between lockdowns in the UK at the time and my flights had been canceled. Rather than just mope around in Somerset, I loaded up my Alfa Romeo and drove it home to Italy.

Having stopped off at the Alfa Romeo museum near Milan I headed south to Rome to meet up with Martina Belacima for a couple of shoots. We have shot many times before and although Martina doesnt speak English we get on just fine especially with her friend Francesco translating for us.

01. We started our shoot in a woodland with big boulders and it gave us an opportunity to reconnect and put some shots on the SD card. I used a Godox AD200 flash and a Scatterflash attachment for the top and right hand shots.

02. I used my favourite shutter speed for moving water of 1/15th second and I added a spash of flash from a Godox AD200 pro fitted with a Scatterflash attachment. The flash was rigged in the water

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