01 Oct Martina at an abandoned factory in Italy

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Model: Martina Bellacima
Location: Southern Italy
Client: None. It was a personal shoot

Lighting: Godox AD1200pro with 70cm softbox and grid
Camera: Fujifilm GFX 50s with GF 32-64mm and 110mm lenses
Tripod: Nova T20 with Benro ball head and RRS lever lock plate

This location caught my eye on Google Earth and I just had to drive the few thousand kilometres to check it out. I did a recce with my friend Dave and we went back the next day to shoot with Martina. There are so many shoot spots here and absolutely no graffiti. I’m saving this location for my workshop clients in 2021 before revealing its whereabouts.

Smoke can make a big difference to a shot. I love the randomness of real smoke on set.

Driving to Italy gave me the option to take a few extra tools that I have never had the luxury of using there in the past. I loaded the car with several decent stands, a boom arm, a battery powered smoke machine, the big Godox AD1200 kit, a large softbox, a full continuous lighting kit

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