10 Sep Markets Of India – Fujifilm 14mm F2.8

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So, as phase one in India comes to a close, I have time to reflect and debrief a little.The one lesson I have learned on my journey as an image maker is to pace myself. It’s hot and very humid here, around 100% humidity and often more than 95 degrees. Hitting it hard for 16hours a day is simply not possible without burning out. So, you cannot achieve as much as you might think here this time of year. Also, you can waste hours of your day trying to navigate the busy city. As a result, I decided to book a car and driver for my shoot days. This is an extra expense sure, but well worth the investment in the time gained back from having a car available to collect me kerbside at the end of the phone. It buys you back precious hours. As well as making it a little easier to navigate a large new city, it also means you can shelter in the air-con of a car every few hours or so at least. Hydration and bathroom breaks are also something that requires consideration, as the areas I’m going into don’t really cater for this. But it’s no fun carrying the camera gear and lots of water. So why should you bother going through all this hardship you may ask. Well, the rewards are worth it and frankly, the dark, humid and often smelly markets are a wonderful and fascinating place to visit. They are

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