11 Mar March 10th, 2017 … The Translator… Fujifilm X100F

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Alright, I know youse are thinking I’m nuts and maybe that’s the case but maybe also, that’s a good thing to be. What would happen if all the leaders of the world got together and started talking to resolve the issue of the people of the world. No. this is not political, it’s about photography, plain and simple. Here’s what would happen, nothing much at all. Why, because there are language barriers and without a translator, nada. No one would be able to express themselves efficiently. They need a translator….. yo! Hold on, it’s how I write and think even if it isn’t always at the same time. So they need a translator and this person needs to be able to reconfigure the language and thoughts according to each person.

Photography is the same and we require the same things to communicate. We also need a translator that will personalize our thoughts and not seem to be mass produced. We are individual shooters and each and every one has different ideas and ways to work.

If we didn’t, well, the world would not need shrinks and curators and editors. So, bear in mind that we as shooters are solely responsible for the families of curators, editors, shrinks, other shooters etc.…

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