29 Jan Making the Most of the “Bad” Weather

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Whilst I haven’t done any photography this week, mainly due to poor weather, I have been processing some old images. What I realised whilst doing this was that I had a nice collection of local images, captured in we photographers like to call “Bad Weather”. But the reality is that with the right processing, even poor weather can create nice imagery.

Here’s one example on a slightly misty from the canal near to my house. I can walk here in a round 15 minutes.

Fuji XT2 with Fuji 18-135 lens at 88mm. Handheld exposure of 1/56” at f/9 and ISO800.

Previously I ignored this image, viewing it as a snapshot. My problem was that I wasn’t viewing the shot as a finished image in my mind. But after figuring out how I wanted to process this shot I was extremely pleased with the result. So much so that I went on to process others, including the one I showed in last week’s blog post.

Here’s another example of a local shot that I had ignored because I couldn’t work out how I wanted the finished image to look. It takes about an hour to walk here.

Fuji XT2 with Fuji 18-135 lens at 39mm. Handheld exposure 1/85” at f/8.0 and ISO800.

And another, about 30 minutes on foot.

Fuji XT2 with Fuji 18-135 lens at 44mm. Handheld

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