24 Jun Making Something From Nothing: Fixing a Dull Photo & Why I use Different Tools

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I finally managed to get out of our local virus induce containment this past weekend. We went for a walk by the sea, and while I brought my camera with me, I hadn’t really intended to take photos, so when I did, it was more of an off the cuff snapshot, than an intentional photo shoot. At first glance, the photos I took were pretty “throw away”, but after some playing around I managed to create a pretty good (in my opinion) image from something that started off as a dull and boring shot.

My photography has taken a real hit these past few months, for obvious reasons. Because of the global pandemic, we’ve been locked down here in Ireland for months, and it’s been difficult to take photos in that situation. Restrictions are lifting now, and I finally got to get out of my local area this past weekend. We headed to the seafront in a nearby town, famous for its promenade. It was nice to finally get some sea air and enjoy the scenery. I had a camera with me, but I hadn’t really intended to take any photos.

As we were walking along, we noticed that the sea was getting rougher, and there was a particular spot where the waves were crashing against some rocks. The spray was coming up and it was a little dramatic. Unfortunately there was lots of people around, so I took out my camera and zoomed right in to try and frame them out.

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