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People ask me regularly whether I prefer wide-angle lenses or telephoto lenses for landscapes. My landscape photography is seldom done with a wide-angle lens. Indeed, what one typically wants to do when shooting landscapes is to isolate that area in the scene which best tells the story that has the most interesting light, atmospherics or compositional elements. Wide-angle lenses rarely offer that ability. They simply are too inclusive sometimes.

Fuji X-Pro2 . Fuji XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 @400mm . f/5.6 . 1/2400″ . ISO 200

What Lenses That I Used?
From researching my images, stretching back since I switched to Fujifilm in 2013, what I’ve discovered is that the majority of my photographs, landscapes as well as general nature and not to mention my working assignments in sports and weddings, are done with medium to moderately long focal lengths – say 50mm to 600mm in 35mm focal length equivalent. This isn’t surprising.

What I somewhat anticipated as well is that a high percentage of my best work is with longer lenses – in the 200mm to 600mm range. Of course, this is often what the doctor ordered when shooting wildlife, but also landscape, as with the sunset image above.

Unquestionably the greatest strength of shooting with a long lens is reach. Being able to see closely and capture that which is distant and fleeting is a thrill, and can capture some unique moments.

Fuji X-T3 . Fuji XF200mmF2 + 1.4X Teleconverter @280mm . f/2.0 . 1/5800″ . ISO 320

Compression of Perspective
While long

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