07 Feb Magnum Photographs with Hurn, Home and Fujifilm

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To anyone with a serious interest in photography, the name Magnum is one that immediately conjures a brimming developer’s bag-full of iconic images. Founded as an international photographic cooperative by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and David ‘Chim’ Seymour back in 1950, Magnum Photos quickly gained something of a legendary aurora owing to the outstanding talent of its members and for its brand of uncompromising photo-journalism and striking aesthetics. Getting in was tough – a pure meritocracy. To join Magnum you had to be nominated by an existing member, subjected to various portfolio reviews over several years and then approved by a unanimous vote by the entire existing membership. David Hurn is one of the skilled, lucky few to be named a Magnum Photographer.

Hurn, English by birth but of Welsh descent, grew up in the city of Cardiff but left for London in the early fifties as a self-taught photographer. He began as an assistant for the Reflex Agency, but quickly gained a modest reputation thanks to his freelance coverage of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. His images of the fighting in Budapest made their way to the front pages of newspapers across the globe. Despite this early success he found he wasn’t so much attracted to the hard-hitting photo-journalism of his British contemporaries Philip Jones-Griffiths, Don McCullin and Ian Berry. Instead he became noted for his quieter studies of communities; images that often revolved around people and how they took their leisure, practised their arts and conducted their worship. He also became a prominent name in fashion photography, and was much sought after by film studios for his iconic on-and-off-set images of films such as A Hard Day’s Night, the early James Bond series and Barbarella. These high-profile shoots helped pay the bills and allowed him the creative freedom to pursue his own projects, both within Wales and overseas, in Arizona….

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