27 Apr Macro Water Droplet Photography

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Home Photography Projects

While half of the world is in some form of lockdown due to the impact of COVID-19 it can be hard to get your daily photography fix. There are of course a number of projects that you can undertake in the home and Macro Photography is an obvious candidate.

Bluebell and water droplet refracting apple blossoms

Bluebell with water droplet refracting apple blossoms
Fuji X-T3 with Lensbaby Trio 28mm and Fuji MCEX-11 Extender

Wimberley Plamp

Fuji MCEX-11 Extender

I don’t own a dedicated Fuji Macro lens but recently I picked up the MCEX-11 extender. The extender does a pretty good job of converting existing lenses to serviceable Macros. The Extender allows for a far closer focusing range especially on the wider focal length primes such as 23mm, 28mm and 35mm. I used the MCEX-11 extender on my Lensbaby Trio 28mm for the photos featured in this post

Water Droplet Tricks

It is surprisingly tricky to balance water droplets on flower petals. This is especially true if you are shooting outside where environmental conditions such as wind can cause frustration.

A useful trick is to purchase a bottle of Glycerine which can be mixed with a small quantity of water to make a more sticky droplet that is easier to position. I usually use a small paintbrush to position the droplet.

Wimberley Plamp

Another useful trick is to invest in a ‘Plamp’ Wimberley make the original version but there are many similar products around. This flexible arm allows the precise positioning of the subject.

Home Studio

Another trick

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