12 Jul Macro Battle: Sony 90mm vs Olympus 60mm vs Fuji 60mm

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So, a quick and fun little comparison for today.  I have the new Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro in for review this week, and should have that review up in the next few days.  So with one excellent macro lens in for review, I thought it would be fun to do a very quick and down and dirty comparison of this lens with the two macro lenses I own: the Fuji 60mm f/2.4 and the Olympus 60mm f/2.8.  Both are good, and the Olympus, mounted on my E-M5, is my personal go-to rig for macro shooting: it’s very small, light, has outstanding stabilization and brilliant optics.  So, how do the others compare?  Let’s find out.

The Lenses

These macro lenses are all native to their respective mounts and all have excellent reputations.  Of course, there are differences to be had.  First of all, we have different sensor formats.  The Olympus 60mm is designed for the Micro 4/3 system, and such covers the 4/3 sized sensor.  Since this is a 1:1 macro, it also can create the tightest framing of all the lenses.  The Fuji 60mm f/2.4 is designed for the APS-C Fuji X system, and is the only macro lens in this comparison that can’t do 1:1 focusing: it maxes out at 1:2 magnification. The Sony 90mm f/2.8 is a full-frame lens that can be used on both the A7 series of cameras as well as Sony’s APS-C line of E-mount cameras. I tested the Fuji using the X-E2, the

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