31 Oct Luminar AI

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Luminar AI Beta

Skylum have been kind enough to give me access to Lumina AI and an opportunity to provide my thoughts and feedback to the Product. It’s great that a company would open up conversations with end-users to support development of the product. Luminar’s strength is its intuitive nature and user friendliness is obviously high on the agenda.

I can’t share any of my Luminar AI edits at this time but hopefully will be able to share more information shortly.

What I’m Excited About

I like the idea of Templates. I think it will be interesting to review alternative ‘baselines’ for an image to inspire me.  The discovery aspect of viewing the outcome of an applied template and then being able to review and modify the individual adjustments behind it will be interesting

Why I’m ordering Luminar AI

I have used Skylums’ software for many years and have always liked the intuitive, outcome based aesthetic. I’m a bit of a geek and like to play with the latest technologies, combining computer tech with photography also gives me an excuse to go outside in the fresh air once in a while.

Some Luminar Tips

I recently posted that “A Dramatic Sky Calls for a Dramatic Scene” – I would encourage Luminar users to create a ‘library’ of skies that they can utilise in Luminar. Don’t be afraid to turn things on their head, shoot a sky and then find an image in your portfolio that compliments it.


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