19 Oct Luminar AI To Address Sky AI’s biggest Shortcoming: Water Reflections

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Ever since Luminar 4 was released, and SkyAI allowed easy sky replacements, there was one consistent complaint about the function. It didn’t include reflections. If you replaced a sky in an image containing water, the reflected sky would still be the original. Well, it looks like they have heard the feedback, as the company just released a preview of the new sky replacement feature in Luminar AI and it includes reflections.

They released a video demonstration of the feature, which I’ve included below, and you can see the new version in action.

Luminar AI was announced last month, and the company has slowly been releasing new information about what is coming up in the next version. I haven’t really been covering it too much, as I’ll be honest, the whole release confuses me a little, especially with regard to it succeeding Luminar 4 and it being a new application rather than Luminar 5. Having said that, it’s looking pretty interesting, and has some interesting potential. I’ll have more to say on it in a future post.

If you do want to pre-order Luminar AI, you can do so now, and there is a pre-order discount, as well as upgrade pricing for owners of other versions of Luminar.

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