11 Jan Luminar AI Review

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I’ve been writing reviews for over ten years. I’ve covered all sorts of things from hardware, to software, and I’ve never had as hard a time writing a review as I have with Luminar AI. Since the application came out just before Christmas, I’ve seen many reviews and coverage extolling its virtues, but this wasn’t matching my experience with it. I wondered what I was doing wrong because it seemed like I was reading about a completely different application.

A tale of two reviews

I had actually written a pretty negative review, and I was almost going to publish it, but I held off because something was bothering me about it. There was just a huge gulf between what some people were saying, and what I had experienced, and I hate writing negative things. So, I took some time and thought about it for a while, until it occurred to me….

It was a different application.

The coverage I was reading was from people who had never used Luminar before. For them, it was a departure from normal photo editing applications, and through those eyes, I could see how you could think this was a fascinating and different piece of software.

However, if you have previously used Luminar 4 and earlier, it was a different story.

Instead of a new and interesting photo editing experience, there is a legacy of broken promises and changed directions, and against that backdrop, Luminar AI promises to be an entirely new

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