12 Dec Luminar AI has arrived

Source: Mostly Photos

Luminar AI is due to roll-out from 15th December but the software has already shipped for those that pre-ordered. I’ve have a chance to make a few edits and I’ve found the application to be quite interesting to use.

Luminar AI Speed

Luminar AI feels quite snappy in use, faster that Luminar 4 and editing images is enjoyable. I have found some templates to be more practical than others and ‘Dream Film’ in the sunsets collection for example does a great job of enhancing warm tones and contrast

Santa Monica sunset processed in Luminar AI using the Dream Film Template at 100%. No other edits were applied other than cropping to square format

Santa Monica Pier
Edited in Luminar AI

Luminar AI – Portraits

Luminar AI does a great job of enhancing portraits. Eye Colour can be easily changed which will divide opinion amongst the purists.

Portrait Editing in Luminar AI
Before and After shown in the image above. Click for larger image

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