27 Jul Luminar AI gets new Portrait Bokeh AI mode and more with free update

Source: DP Review

Skylum has released Luminar AI Update 4, delivering numerous new features, including Portrait Bokeh AI.

Portrait Bokeh AI builds upon Luminar AI’s depth mapping tools to isolate a portrait subject from the background. The tool recognizes people in groups or even in unusual poses. Once the subject, or subjects, are separated from the background, Portrait Bokeh AI blurs the background to ’emulate the rich, hazy bokeh of a high-end lens at a wide open aperture.’

Image credit: Maryna Yurlovkskaya

The software creates intelligent masks automatically, although the user can add or subject to the mask. Once the mask is created, bokeh is automatically generated. The strength of the bokeh is adjusted with a single slider. In addition to the adjustable bokeh, users can also refine the background further using sliders to adjust background exposure, adding glow to the highlights, setting a specific depth of field and refining edges. When combined with existing tools like Face AI, Skin AI and Body AI, Luminar AI Update 4 aims to solve all portrait editing and retouching needs.

Before Portrait Bokeh AI. Image credit: Maryna Yurlovkskaya

The idea of achieving beautiful, smooth bokeh without the use of a high-end fast-aperture prime lens is an appealing one. After all, many photographers don’t have the budget to buy an expensive new lens. Further, a portrait prime you have may not be well-suited to every portrait situation you encounter.

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