07 Sep Lumina 4 and Lumina AI

Source: Mostly Photos

Sky Replacement

I have noticed that a number of the skies that are supplied with Luminar 4 contain the sun. This potentially restricts the use as lighting on the scene can jar with the lighting in the replaced sky.

I have taken to creating my own library of skies with more of an ambiguous light direction. I have found that pre-dawn light can work well for these.

Lumina 4 – Sky Replacement Example

Lumina 4 – Sky replacement example

Lumina 4 – Added Drama

Lumina is quite fun to play around with.. it only takes a minute or two to transform a snap shot into something interesting. There is obviously much less of a sense of achievement in adding some ‘magic’ in post.

Amazing if the elements of this scene had come together naturally.. would have taken some skill and patience to pull off.

Skylum Luminar 4 – After and Before
Yosemite National Park with added drama 🙂

Luminar AI

Skylum have recently announced Luminar AI. This software is due for release later in 2020 and is not an upgrade or replacement for Lumina 4 but is a new product. Further detail can be found on Skylums site

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