14 May Lucky Break

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Is there such a thing as a Lucky Break in this world ? Is there one in the Photography industry ? Personally I don’t think there is, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get anywhere in life these days. The kids that go on X Factor for instant fame have to work hard at there singing or be born with a gift from the start but if they do get spotted they then have to work twice as hard to make it work, hundreds of hours of singing lessons and a crazy work schedule and at any time it could all be over.

Nikon Fm2 50mm 1.8 Hp5 (1983)

I started in Photography the moment my parents gave me a camera as a small boy and from that moment onwards I wanted to be the next David Bailey. I was driven from an early age to, with a thirst for knowledge and the gift of Dyslexia. I was terrible at School but found my release in Photography and soon became addicted.

I was taught back then that hard work and dedication is the way you get anywhere in life. As I grew up I got in to a few sports and swam for Kent and won quite a few Powerlifting Competitions winning the British Bench Press at 82.5 Kilo class with a 260kilo bench press. So I was no stranger to hard work, I was in the Gym seven days a week training with the British Coach

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