22 Aug Loving the Fuji X range

When you love photography when it’s your passion when you want to venture out, and just take photos, have your camera with you at your side, you want a camera that feels good, looks good and most importantly, produces incredible images.

I have alway’s wanted such a camera that I can just walk around with, that just feel’s good and capture those stunning photo’s we all love to capture.

Well the cameras for me are the Fuji range (no I’m not paid by Fuji to say this) its true, after years of being a Canon only guy, lugging my huge 5D camera around was beginning to take its tole, being a full time wedding photographer for about 25 yrs now, I really felt that it was time to try something new!

The Fuji X range camera’s produce stunning images, photography will never be the same, mirrorless cameras for the wedding photographer, landscapes, you name it, they take it.