24 Dec Love for Japan

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With a longstanding passion for Japan and its culture, it was a love story that took Belgian photographer Nicolas Wauters to Tokyo in 2013, where he has lived ever since and became a guide and workshop leader.

Thank you, Nicolas, for this opportunity. Would you like to start by introducing yourself to our readers?
Hi Fuji X Passion, thank you to give me the opportunity to share my vision and love of Japan with this article.

To introduce myself, my name is Nicolas Wauters and I’m a Belgian based in Tokyo since 2013.

When I arrived in Japan, I created my own tour guide company and since then I’m working as a tour guide and photographer all around Japan.
My goal is to share my passion and love for Japan through private guided tours, images, and Photography Workshops. 

Fuji X-T3 . @20mm . f/16 . 1/6″ . ISO 160 – Daigo Ji

Could you tell us how your interest in Japan began, and what elements of its culture attracted you in particular?
I was born in 1979 and I grew up in the eighties. At this period in Europe, it was the introduction of video games, the arrival of the Japanese anime on tv screen like Dragon ball, and more.

I started playing video games when I was 5 years old with the Atari 2600. At the same time, I was watching plenty of Japanese anime and this made me start interest myself in the Japanese culture.

I’m someone very passionate about a lot of things and some of them are skateboards, motorcycle,

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