26 Jun Lost in paradise – Anthony Robin

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Born and raised in Nantes, France, since the day Anthony Robin discovered landscape photography, his camera hasn’t stopped shooting.He has now been on the road for the past 7 years, going from down to the shores to up in the valleys, carrying always the satisfaction of having been where anything has been barely touched by another human being, and hoping that it will stay that way for the years to come. 

A game of light, Yukon.

 When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer? How did you start?

I always liked images, illustrations, paintings… I consistently felt connected with visuals in general. I love creating and building something from scraps and photography made that possible for me.

I started to be interested in it pretty late, I would say in my early or mid-twenties. Slowly, year after year, the need to take photographs became more and more important in my life. As a self-taught photographer, I always enjoyed looking for answers, trying to understand it all and experimenting different things. Doing so can make us do weird stuff or bring us to places that we didn’t even know about. It can make us feel sad or happy, but today I know that photography is a part of myself, it’s running in my blood. It’s always here, inside me. I find it a magical way of seeing the world around us and I love it.


The old wooden bridge and the rain forest, Olympic National Park…


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