01 Feb Long Exposure Landscape

Source: Fujifilm Insider

A few months ago Lee Filters releases the Super Stopper, it kick started me back into shooting long exposures. I played about with a big stopper once but the massive 15 stop down of the Super Stopper is quite fun to play with. I have been shooting with Lee’s ND grad filters for years but never really but that much time into shooting ‘full’ ND grad filters. This blog post has some hints and tips that I have put together from following such people as Paul Sanders & David Cleland and a bit of my own experimentation.

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One of the more recent images is the one below which was created on a very sunny beach front in Benalmadena. The final exposure was just under 5 mins. Out of all the long exposures I have taken this one proved more challenging than most due to the wet sand. Each time a big wave wave in it sunk the tripod down a little more. At last I got a break & no big waves came in for the 487 seconds it to record the image.

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