24 Jan London F

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So, it’s been some days since Fujifilm dropped a lot of gear on us. Just like most of 2016, I was right in the middle of the storm. Fujifilm UK asked me to run an X100F presentation workshop for journalists on the 19th, right after the official unveiling. As if that wasn’t enough, I had done reviews as usual. But not just for the X100F , also for the GFX50s and the XF50mm f/2. So I had some stuff to attend to last thursday, to put it mildly!

The hit numbers of the blog has been, and still are, incredible. I have read everyone of your kind comments! I just haven’t had the time to answer them. I will do so over the coming days! – I’m so grateful for all of your support for this site. So THANK YOU!

Now, I did something when travelling to London. Something that Kevin Mullins inspired me to do when I met him at Photokina back in 2016. He had taken an extra couple of days off so he could explore Cologne. – And this is exactly what I did when I travelled to London. I arrived a day early, and left a day late. – Both days planned as just being about me and my camera. Out exploring the city.

And what better camera to do this with, than the X100F.

I wrote about a lot of things in my review here. A lot of different uses of the camera. But for me, the…

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