10 Oct London Calling

Source: Olafs Photoblog

London has been the first destination during our recent strictly photographic trip to Europe. There is no question that many people travel to numerous destinations around the world and most of them has a sort of camera with them. It could be an iPhone, a small point-and-shoot or a large SLR. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is a mindset you are travelling with.

Most people combine family vacations or business, or even some sort of tourist agenda, into the trip. It is rarely a purely photographic escapade. Obviously, when you travel with your family the agenda is set, often by appropriate authorities J

As far as I’m concerned, in order to reach a certain level of visual attentiveness, I need to go deep into my self-seeing. If there are no conversations, no agendas, no detailed plans, no goals and no time constrains, my seeing usually thrives and is not afraid to go into new places. On the other hand, tight schedules, business dealings, family meetings is something I dearly enjoy but not when parallel with my photography.

For those of you interested in going deeper into this subject, we just started a new series “A mindset of a travelling photographer” on our Simplicity-In-Seeing platform.    

Fortunately, the recent trip to London was all about photography. Our first destination was funky and historic Brick Lane, where we focused on environmental portraiture. Then, we headed to an ultra-modern SOHO district for a different sort of visual experience. We also visited

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