01 Mar Location Portraits with Eterna

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Now that the dust have settled after the global  launch of X-H1. As mention in my previous post about Eterna; I wasn’t certain about this new film simulation. I did some outdoor nature scene and I felt that it did work beautifully on some shots. This is just my personal take.    I did get a couple of request on how would it will  look when using Eterna for a portraits shot. My  model is Cheryl Tay. A triathlete and also the founder of http://rockthenakedtruth.com   Here is a shot taken with X-H1 mated with XF23mm  F1.4. I must say this is the most challenging shoot I  ever did with the X-H1. There was so many splashes of sea water flying everywhere. At the same time  I am loving the effect of the coming storm. This shot  is lite with a single Broncolor Siros 800L.

X-H1 + XF23mm F1.4 + a Broncolor Siros 800L. How many droplet are there on my lens front elements? I actually like the effect.

Set for the day. X-H1 + Siros 800L

I was more concern of the non WR XF23mm F1.4.  In fact the there was once a wave actually kiss the  whole bottom of the X-H1 and XF23mm. Sadly I  am all soak and there was nothing to dry the X-H1  or XF23mm. To make matter worse there was a  moment of rain.    Here is a missed shot just before the wave hit the  gears! Thankfully only the waves only the

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