13 Mar Location, Location, Location – Make the World Your Studio

Source: Fujifilm Insider

In this post I will share with you how I find the locations that I use for my photography. I’m often asked how so here it is. It doesn’t matter what kind of location I want – the process is fairly similar. Unlike other shooters I don’t rely on intel, networking or the whispers from the underworld on urbex forums. I’ve often found the data from them to be out of date. That led me to create my own workflow and use this process to find city street areas, abandoned houses, old factories and other interesting locations to shoot in.

What makes the perfect location?

01. The perfect location can be tucked away on city streets, in the middle of a desert or in open countryside. If you know what you want you will know where to start looking.

There are a lot of locations that I want to find each year. I make sure that I know what I’m looking for before I start each session otherwise I drift aimlessly and loose the will to carry on. A bit like shopping really….

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