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Sometimes you are lucky – Sometimes you are not.

It is a real privilege to go to Agra and to see the Taj Mahal. It is an even greater privilege to have the chance to see it again. Before I went there I was really amazed. But maybe that’s too much luck for one man. When I went there the second time it was souring hot and humid but worst of all the light was horrible.

At least this time I was prepared to stay cool to take the money shot: The view through the entrance gate. The white Taj Mahal framed by the gate.

An image that must look great in black and white and with a little bit of grain.

But beside that I had hard time to enjoy the visit this time. The light was not good and there was a guide that was very eager to tell me everything about the Taj Mahal so my time to focus on photography was limited.

But I brought my brand new X Pro-2 so I had to shoot. At that time I still nervous because of the reported overheat problems but I quickly learned that it only exists in the internet. The camera got warm but that also as the case with my X-T1 and with my X Pro-1. In very hot climates those

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