30 May Litter Project – The End

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A couple of days ago I finished my Litter 365 there was no fanfare just the relief it was over. It was a long slog that one. It might have because the subject matter literally was rubbish !

I made a small mistake on this project I uploaded the images to Instagram then deleted them from my phone. This is a small problem because you cant download your images from instagram any more or at least I cant work out how to. I was going to make a small book or an A3 print of all the images as Tiles but have decided against it. One other strange thing I noticed was one image has disappeared from Instagram ! Not sure why but I think it was Archived but I cant work out how you get it back.

However even with those small mistakes I am not that worried because I have finished with the Rubbish project and want to put it behind me. I now view people who drop rubbish in a worse light than before but have more respect for people that pick it up. I used to think if we all just left it eventually the scruffy fuckers who drop litter might get embarrassed and stop ! I now know that’s never going to happen. I now pick up the odd bit off litter when I see a Bin

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