21 Dec Lights, Camera and Software.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

As 2017 comes to a close; its certainly a prefect time to give thanks. 2017 have been a great year. First I have the privilege of  testing and eventually buying a Fujifilm new mirrorless Medium  Format, GFX50s.    Its an amazing system and the ease of use; makes this a top  choice for me. Both work and also leisure. That includes  holiday oversea. It’s that portable! I could easily live with it while traveling. If rumor is true about the GFX-R. A range  finder style version of GFX. I certainly will be very excited  as I am a sucker for X100F and X-Pro2, range finder style  cameras. In fact it was X-Pro1 that gotten me started with  this love affair with Fujifilm; and eventually dump Canon.    Here are my fav 15 pictures shot with the GFX for 2017….

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