16 Sep Lightroom or Capture one?

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Ok Ladies and Gents, we all want the very best from our images, whether we are professional photographers or hobbyists. I’m a wedding photographer and constantly giving myself critique, I’m sure you are the same, as Ansel Adams, once said “10,000 exposures to get one photo” yep, the very best is what we all strive for, taking that image, that one photo that makes you feel you have reached the pinnacle in your photography life, but alas, its always one more photo away!

So what is the point of this small article? I kind of write in blogs in order to process my own thoughts really however its always very much appreciated when I receive the many kind words from the world of passionate photographers.

Like the majority of photographers on this beautiful planet; whether you’re a Landscape, Interior, sports, wildlife or wedding photographer (Sorry if I missed one or two) we use Lightroom, It seams the obvious choice, Adobe software is the number one go too, when it comes to editing footage, graphics or photographs, when I ask my colleagues which software do they choose, its always Lightroom and Photoshop.

Well, I have been reading a lot about Capture one recently, I’m a Fuji fan and its the Fuji X range that I now use for my photography, and that’s from my landscape to my wedding photography, I love these cameras. Now I have to say ‘Im pretty impressed with the quality I export from Lightroom’ however

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