20 Oct Lightroom Classic 10 Released: New Colour Grading Tool & Other Features

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Adobe today announced the latest versions of its Lightroom family of applications. There are a couple of key new features, the biggest one of which is the new colour grading tool. In the post below, I’m just discussing Lightroom Classic, but many of these features are across the whole eco system.

Colour Grading

The biggest new feature is the colour grading controls. These replace the old split toning panel, although you can still achieve the same effect. In the video above I give you a demonstration of this in action. Some of the key points:

The Color Grading controls allow you to tint to shadows, midtones, and, highlights separately, as well as applying a global Hue adjustment to the image. This control replaces the old Split Toning panel, but one can still mimic the old Split Toning behavior with the new controls by moving the Blending slider to 100. Using older Split Tone presets or opening older images with Split Tone settings will automatically set the Blending slider to 100 and zero out all midtone settings and all luminance settings. Zoom Controls

The have also changed the way the zoom controls work. You can still click to zoom to 100% (this s now officially called 100% and no longer referred to as 1:1) but you now have scrubby zoom and box zoom. I’ve demonstrated both of those features in the video above. Some other key notes on this:

Scrubby Zoom: Drag the mouse over the image

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