04 Nov Light Direction

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There is nothing you can do about the direction of sunlight when you stumble across a really nice waterfall ! The sun was just above the river and would have blown out the video if I have gone any higher.

It’s just one of those things ! I have learned to make mental notes to come back another day at a different time.


If I was planning to photograph the waterfall I would have taken note of the direction of the stream and time of day but we were just out for a short walk. There was a waterfall marked on the map but there are plenty marked on the map around Hawes North Yorkshire and some not as spectacular as others !


I used to carry ND filters and a tripod etc for shooting waterfalls in the right light at the right time of day but since image stabilisation has improved you don’t really need a tripod unless you want super slow slow shutter speeds and really long exposures.

Iphone12ProMax with Spectre App

Today I just grabbed a quick video and a quick shot with the Spectre app and will return in the future at the correct time of day with the light in the right direction or on

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