16 Jan Lets talk speeches

Let’s talk speeches

I’ve been in the wedding industry for a few years now so I do feel I have a lot of experience when it comes to the wedding day. Quite handy really, one because it helps with my profession as a wedding photographer, 2) because I often get asked by clients my thoughts about a specific detail about their wedding day and I’m always more than pleased to help, even if I’m not going to be photographing the wedding. I’m always very open and honest, it’s my nature, it’s the same with my knowledge as a photographer, if I’m asked a question, I always give my honest opinion.
It’s quite amusing how some feel that help should only be to the advantage of the one being asked, the “what’s in it for me” attitude!

Well, you won’t find that with me so always feel free to ask, whether this be with regards to your wedding, planning or general question with regards to your wedding photography.
The reason for my thoughts in his small article, came about because a lovely Bride contacted me just the other day asking, whether they should have a receiving line (meet and greet) and  about the best time for the speeches, should these be before the wedding breakfast, during or after the meal? She said she had looked at several different articles online and was getting conflicting information.

Speeches, when?

I have photographed literally hundreds of weddings, and hundreds of wedding speeches, some before the meal, between courses…