14 Mar Let’s take care of each other

Source: Olafs Photoblog

One of the greatest surprises about photography is how it encompasses so much of our lives. From documentary to reportage, from landscape to travel or portrait and even commercial, we interact, observe and craft imagery from those amazing pieces of life that surround us. Burk Uzzle described it well when he said, “Photography is a love affair with life.” The connotations of this quote go well beyond sentimentality and include the challenges and obstacles we face in life, especially today. 

There is no question that the current situation with the COVID-19 affects our collective and individual lives in a major way. A very different rhythm of life is emerging from the current crisis. 

At the moment the priority is to find a way to minimize the impact and protect lives especially of those who are at higher risk such as our parents, grandparents, friends and people with immune-compromised conditions. This is a time when we must take responsibility and do our best to protect our loved ones at all costs. It doesn’t mean we should run out to visit them—quite the opposite (for obvious reasons)—but we should make sure the procedures are in place to limit their exposure to visitors. We should also take time to provide them with everything they need. This is a time to break our daily schedule to connect with people we may have forgotten because of our professional commitments. Let’s make sure we pause and take care of each other! It doesn’t take much. It could be

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