12 Aug Lensbaby Trio 28 – Sweet

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Fuji X-T2 – ACROS Film Simulation
Lensbaby Trio 28 – Sweet

I hooked up my Fuji X-T2 to a Lensbaby Trio 28 lens and took it on my daily commute into London.

The Lensbaby Trio 28 is an interesting product that consists of a small lens with a rotating front element that features three seperate lenses. These lenses are designed to create image effects across the most popular of Lensbabys lens offerings.

Lensbaby Trio 28 – Sweet

For my initial outing I thought I’d set the X-T2 to shoot ACROS film Simulation JPG’s and switch the Trio 28 to ‘Sweet’  – Sweet creates a sharp central sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur…

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