12 Jan Lensbaby launches $50 macro filter kit

Source: DP Review

Background Photo by Kathleen Clemons, courtesy of Lensbaby

Lensbaby has launched a 46mm macro filter kit that can be combined with several of the company’s “bokeh effect” lenses, expanding their scope of application to close-up photography.

The filters screw onto the front of the lenses and the kit comes with three diopter options (+1,+2, and +4). The individual filters can be stacked for even higher levels of magnification and LensBaby says multiple coatings have been applied for enhanced contrast.

The 46mm kit is compatible with the Sweet 35, Sweet 50, Edge 50, Edge 80, Twist 60 and Creative Bokeh lenses, as well as the LensBaby macro converters, allowing for a multitude of close-up effects. In the Lensbaby product line-up it sits alongside the effect filter kit that was launched last October and comprises of an eight-point star filter, a three-stop neutral density filter and a circular polarizer.

The new macro filter set is available now for $50. You can find more information and additional sample images on the company’s website.

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